dj honda (JAPAN ver)

1st Album [dj honda (Japan version)] (1995)

1.Dat's My Word feat. Redman
2.DJ Battle, Round 1
3.Game of Death feat. Erick Sermon
4.Cold Blooded feat. Grandmaster Melle Mel
5.What You Expected feat. Gangstarr
6.Freestyle '95 feat. Biz Markie
7.Zulu Shout Out feat. Afrika Bambaataa
8.Bread + Jerry Featuring Volume 10
9.Earth Till It's Down feat. Naybahood Watc
10.DJ Battle, Round 3
11.What It Look Like feat. Def Jef
12.Out for the Cash (5 Deadly Venoms) feat. Common Sense, Fashion, JuJu & Psycho Les
13.Old School Jam feat. Donald D, Kurtis Blow & Prince Whipper Whip


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