hⅡ(Japan Version)(hⅡ(JAPAN ver).zip)

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2nd Album [hⅡ (Japan version)] (1998)

1.Trouble In The Water feat. De La Soul
2.Disco T-E-C feat. Camp-Lo
3.Blaze It Up feat. Black Attack
4.Mista Sinista Interlude
6.Team Players feat. Doe-V & KRS One
7.Answering Machine
8.Talk About It feat. Ai' Tariq
9.When You Hot You Hot feat. No I.D. & Dug Infinite
10.For Lip Interlude
11.For Every Day That Goes By feat. The Rawcotiks
12.5 Seconds feat. Black Attack
13.Example feat. Roc Raider
14.Stretch Armstrong And Lord Seer Interlude
15.Who The Trifest?
16.Long Island To Japan feat. DJ EV
17.Go Crazy feat. S-On
18.Around The Clock feat. Problemz
20.Sometimes I Think... feat. The Rawcotiks
21.WF II feat. Cuban Link, Ju Ju, V.I.C., AI'Tariq, Problemz & Black Attack
22.Kill The Noise feat. Problemz
23.Fuk Dat feat. Black Attack